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Consulting Services

Dr. Nikki Keefer has extensive experience assisting struggling behavioral health organizations to prevent or lift moratoriums, avoid sanctions, and prevent recoupment fees. This includes knowledge of both state and federal regulations pertaining to service provision and mandatory requirements. She has successfully assisted organizations with survey preparations, the execution of surveys and audits, as well as corrective plans of action to maintain accreditation and licensure. Our Corporation Triage Team has enjoyed successful outcomes when preparing for and participating in the following:

• AHCA Surveys


• Medicaid Audits


• DELMARVA Surveys


• APD Audits and Compliance Initiatives


• Insurance Audits


• Corrective Plan of Action Development and Supervision


• Moratorium Relief


• Program Development for Regulatory Compliance


• Clinic Oversight to Ensure Continued Compliance


• Staff Training and Development for Behavior Assistant Certification recognized by the State of Florida


• Managerial Staff Training and Development Employing the Train the Trainer Model with BCBA Clinical Oversight

Development of Behavior Programs

Dr. Keefer has 21 years experience developing both behavior intensive, behavior focus, residential and scholastic programs. This includes securing licensure, funding appropriations.