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ABA Methodologies Used

Just to name a few…


• Individualized instruction and program development for behavior problem reduction.


• Precise measurement of observable behavior & behavior-based interventions.


• Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA).


• Discrete trails training and natural teaching opportunities are captured to teach academic, social, vocational, and life skills.


• Blueprints are developed for antecedent and consequential interventions that are technological. This means they are described in such a way that they can be implemented by any trained person resulting in the same outcome.


• Data are collected and analyzed to determine treatment efficacy, generality, and maintenance.


• Generalization is specifically addressed for long term success.


• Discrimination and differential responding are specifically shaped and reinforced.


• Positive and negative reinforcement, which is NOT punishment, are used.


• Task analyses.


• Verbal behavior training.


• Systematic desensitization.


• Errorless learning.


• Development of functionally equivalent replacement behaviors.


• Procedures employed are pragmatic—practical with a focus of setting your child up for success.


• Setting expectations, behavior contracting.


• Escape extinction, planned ignoring, and prompting.


• Parent training.